Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Eric Tan

I was researching retro adverts of the 50s and 60s due to their view of the future at that time, compared to ours now. The view they had back then was one of excitement and wonder at new technologies, whereas now we have a much more negative view and tend to be more sceptical of new technologies.

Whilst researching this I discovered the work of Eric Tan. He has made many retro-style posters for movies, mainly Pixar ones. My favourites are these on he has done for Wall-E, as they really do give off the whole 1950s-future-vibe.

He has also created posters for other movies:

I really love his stylised drawings and the whole retro-futurism feel of his work.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Scott Bain

Whilst looking for some of Mike Libby's work, I stumbled across Scott Bain's work. Bain has taken the whole cybernetic insect thing one step further - he has transformed insects into vehicles!

Just take a look at some of these, they're brilliant:

I especially like the graffitied-on beetle.

Mike Libby

After a friend mentioned him on a post, I decided to blog about him.

Mike Libby creates some absolutely beautiful steampunk insects and arachnids, using real insects or arachnids combined with mechanical parts. All the intricate little clockwork details make the bugs seem fragile and delicate, and it serves to make them even more interesting-looking than they already are.

I'm a fan of the steampunk look, so these really appeal to me.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Tim Lewis

"Pony" by Tim Lewis is a kinetic sculpture of a creature that has hands for its feet, as well as its head, giving it a creepy, surreal feel. It walks along as well as reacting to movement around it. Would it be possible for creatures such as these to be genetically engineered in the future?

Here is a video of "Pony" with another of Lewis' sculpture "Jetsam" in the foreground.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nemo Gould

Nemo Gould creates some brilliant kinetic sculptures using found objects:

This is one monkey I definitely wouldn't like to meet - just look at those teeth!

Check out more of his work at his website.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lisa Black's Cyborg Animals

I've just discovered the sculptures of Lisa Black, where she combines the organic with the mechanical:

I think they're pretty damn cool.

Amber Case: We Are All Cyborgs Now

"It's not that machines are taking over, it's that they're helping us to be more human".